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A Hybrid System for the Hierarchical Control of FMS.

Camurri, A.; Frixione, M.

In: Gero, J.S.: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, V; 1990, Boston, MA, USA; Vol. 2, pages 47-66. Southampton, UK: Comput. Mech. Publications, 1990.

Abstract: A structured knowledge-based approach to representation and scheduling problems in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) is described. The representation scheme is organized in two subsystems. The higher-level subsystem (the FMS knowledge system) is based on a structured conceptual representation. The lower-level subsystem, devoted to the modeling and simulation of the FMS, is based on structured timed colored Petri nets (STCPNs). The paper describes both the representational aspects and the modeling of the control system of the FMS. In particular, it is shown how a STCPN-based model of the lower-level subsystem can be automatically derived starting from the FMS knowledge base.

Keywords: structured timed coloured net; hierarchical control (of) flexible manufacturing system; high level net; concurrent scheduling.

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