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Petrex: a Software Tool for System Modeling and Simulation Based on Petri Nets.

Camurri, A.; Troiano, E.

In: A.I.C.A. Proceedings of the Annual Conference, 1989, Trieste, Italy; Vol. 2, pages 747-763. Milan, Italy: A.I.C.A., 1989.

Abstract: The authors briefly explain the main concepts underlying the Petrex software system, a Petri net (PN) based tool for the modeling and simulation of complex real systems. They introduce the basic formalisms, consisting of the integration of extended timed PNs utilized for the temporal management of activities and a Unix C-shell-like language, called Ptx-Shell, devoted to the atemporal programming of the tasks associated to the activities/transitions in a given PN. The algorithms adopted in the kernel of Petrex, based on an original preemptive scheduler, are shown and discussed in detail.

Keywords: Petrex software system; modeling (and) simulation; temporal management; Unix Ptx-Shell; preemptive scheduler.

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