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STPN model of physical and MAC layer of LonWorks.

Capek, J.; Hanzalek, Z.

In: Proc. IFAC Conf. on Control Systems Design (CSD'2000), 18-20 June 2000, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, pages 335-340. 2000.

Abstract: LonWorks is one of the most popular fieldbus systems in building automation. It uses a MAC protocol called predictive p-persistent CSMA, which differs from p-persistent CSMA method by partial prediction of the channel backlog. Under optimal conditions predictive p-persistent CSMA keeps the collision rate independent of the channel utilization. Stochastic timed Petri net model of LonWorks MAC layer and small PN extension for linking of models are presented in this paper. Some simulation results are included.

Keywords: LonWorks, communication protocols, fieldbus, real-time systems, stochastic Petri nets.

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