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The Generalised Method for Solving Problems of the DEDS Control Synthesis.

Capkovic, Frantisek

In: Volume 2718 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 702-711. January 2003.

Abstract: The method represents a generalisation of the author's method presented recently. It extends the validity of the original method to the wider class of discrete-event dynamic systems (DEDS) to be controlled. Both the original method and the innovated one are suitable for DEDS able to be described by ordinary Petri nets (OPN). The earlier method can be successfully used only in case of the DEDS described by the special class of OPN - so called state machines (SM). The method proposed here can be used in case of DEDS described by the bounded OPN. While SM have special restrictions on their structure the bounded OPN have no structural restrictions. Namely, SM are OPN with transitions having only the single input place and the single output place. Thus, the validity of the method is extended because the class of bounded OPN is undoubtedly many times wider than the class of OPN represented by SM. Both the original method and the proposed one can alternatively utilize ordinary directed graphs (ODG) or bipartite directed graphs (BDG).

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