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Towards performance analysis with partially symmetrical SWN.

Capra, L.; Dutheillet, C.; Franceschinis, G.; Ilie, J.M.

In: Proc. 7th Int. Symp. on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS'99), 24-28 October 1999, College Park, MD, pages 148-155. 1999.

Abstract: Stochastic well-formed colored Petri nets (SWNs) make it possible to apply performance evaluation techniques on a compact representation of the reachability graph (RG), called the symbolic RG (SRG). The extended SRG (ESRG) has been proposed to achieve a higher degree of reduction when applied to partially symmetric SWN models. The price to pay for the more effective state space reduction is a loss of information on the paths of the graph. Despite this loss, it has been shown that several qualitative properties can be studied on the ESRGs. This paper considers the possibility of using the ESRGs for performance evaluation purposes and more specifically, it explores how the ergodicity of the system can be decided using this graph.

Keywords: performance analysis, stochastic colored Petri nets, symbolic reachability graphs, well-formed colored Petri nets.

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