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Enhanced fuzzy temporal rules and their projection onto fuzzy Petri nets.

Carinema, P.; Bugarin, A.; Fraga, S.; Barro, S.

In: International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 14, No. 8, pages 775-804. 1999.

Abstract: In this paper, an enhanced model of fuzzy temporal knowledge bases (FTKBs) formed by fuzzy temporal rules is introduced, and its projection on the formalism of fuzzy Petri nets (FPNs) is presented. The main objective is to enhance the expressiveness of the rules making up the FTKB, regarding a previous proposal, at the same time as keeping the computation cost within the limits that allow us to work on-line in dynamic environments. This is attained by means of a partial compaction of the rules, prior to their on-line execution. The projection of the FTKB over an FPN makes its design, analysis, and execution easier by explicitly bringing out all its variables and relationships.

Keywords: fuzzy Petri nets, fuzzy temporal rules, knowledge-based systems.

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