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Simulation of Software for Distributed Systems.

Carpenter, G.F.

In: Murray-Smith, D.; et al.: ESC 89. Proceedings of the 3rd European Simulation Congress, 1989, Edinburgh, UK, pages 65-69. Ghent, Belgium: SCS Eur., 1989.

Abstract: Current research has made extensive use of Petri-net analysis and simulation software. The existing simulator uses a matrix description of the Petri net and requires the manual generation and input of large matrices; furthermore, the tool is slow in execution. Complementary work on parallel processing has led to the suggestion that the simulator be redesigned so as to model the Petri-net in a more natural way by embracing parallel processing techniques. The author outlines the concepts of this new design and reports on progress in producing a prototype version of the simulator.

Keywords: net analysis (and) simulation (by) parallel processing.

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