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Automated Construction of Compound Markov Chains from Generalized Stochastic High-Level Petri Nets.

Carrasco, Juan A.

In: PNPM89. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop On Petri Nets and Performance Models, 1989, Kyoto, Japan, pages 93-102. Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1990.

Abstract: A new type of Petri nets: Generalized Stochastic High-Level Petri nets (GSHLPNs), collecting the qualities of GSPNs and SHLPNs, is presented. The automated construction of composed continuous-time Markov chains (CTMCs) form GSHLPNs is also considered. A formalism for the description of compound markings allowing a symbolic firing of the net to obtain a compound CTMC with correct state grouping is derived. It is shown that, in the general case and for bounded number of rotation groups, the problem is polynomially equivalent to graph isomorphism.

Keywords: compound markov chain; generalized stochastic high-level net; symbolic firing.

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