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Petri-Nets and Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Simulation and Modelling of Manufacturing Systems.

Castelain, E.; Gentina, J.C.

In: Tzafestas, S.; et al.: System Modelling and Simulation. Proceedings of the IMACS Symposium, 1988, Cetraro, Italy, pages 297-302. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North-Holland, 1989.

Abstract: The authors propose the CASPAIM project in order to automate the control design of flexible manufacturing systems. The approach is based both on the use of coloured adaptive and structured Petri-nets (SAC-PN) and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts. Petri-nets are used to model the scheduling of manufacturing tasks; AI tools are used to describe the resulting Petri-net model and to model its control strategy made by a set of meta-rules. Simulation is used as a validation tool.

Keywords: CASPAIM project; artificial intelligence; flexible manufacturing system; coloured adaptive (and) structured net; meta-rule.

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