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Exploitation of Redundancy for Throughput Increase in a High Speed LAN.

Catania, V.; Iudica, M.; Vita, L.

In: Electronic Circuits and Systems for Communications. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Digital Communications, 1990, Zurich, Switzerland, pages 433-462. New York, NY, USA: IEEE, 1990.

Abstract: Different techniques for improving the exploitation of resources in a high-speed local area network are assessed. The techniques analyzed are all based on the exploitation of the redundant resources often introduced in the transmission system to increase the network's fault tolerance. In order to assess the different strategies, the network is modeled using generalized stochastic Petri nets; the model allows evaluation of the increase in throughput and the construction of diagrams relating access delay to throughput. In comparing the different solutions, the fairness among the various users of the network is also considered.

Keywords: (exploitation of) redundancy (for) throughput increase (in a) high-speed local area network; resource redundancy; stochastic net; fairness.

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