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PNTalk. State of the Art.

Ceska, M.; Janousek, V.; Koci, R.; Krena, B.; Vojnar, T.

In: 06, 2006: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Modelling of Objects, Components and Agents, MOCA'06, Bericht 272, FBI-HH-B-272, pages 301-307. June 06.

Abstract: PNTalk is a long-term project started in 1993 as an original attempt to bring high-level Petri nets closer to programming languages (9). The main goal of this experiment has been to prove that formal models such as Petri nets can be used for systems development in a similar way as traditional programming languages. Originally, the project started as a consistent combination of high-level Petri nets and objects in Smalltalk. The resulting language and system is called PNtalk and its theoretical background is represented by Object Oriented Petri Nets (10). The rigorous mathematical nature of the PNtalk language offers a potential to solve analysis and verification problems. Several experimental implementations and verification methods have been developed during the recent years (22). The present research is faced with new challenges in the area of advanced modelling and simulation techniques, applications of high-level models in systems design, and formal verification. This paper provides an overview of the PNtalk project and its advancement.

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