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On transforming Petri net model to Moore machine.

Chang, C.K.; Huang, H.

In: Proceedings Fourteenth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 31 Oct-2 Nov 1990, Chicago, IL, USA, (1990) Los Alamitos: IEEE Comput. Soc. Press,, pages 267-272. 1990.

Abstract: The absence of satisfactory methods for verifying the liveness and fairness properties limits the analysis power of Petri net theories. An approach is introduced to connect the Petri net model with the Model Checker. A translator is used to transform the reachability graph of the Petri net to the Moore machine. The Moore machine and the behaviors specified by temporal logic are the inputs of the Model Checker, which is able to verify the properties of liveness and fairness. During the transformation, local and global behaviors of the Petri net model are separated, which means that a certain modularity can be achieved. An optimization technique is presented to trim the unnecessary local information from the local reachability graphs. The space complexity of manipulating the global reachability graph, which is generated by combing the trimmed local reachability graph, can be reduced

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