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Analysis of Matrix Equation Based on Petri Net for Discrete System Control.

Chang, Sun Hwang; Jae, Man Lee

In: SICE'90. Proceedings of the 29th SICE Annual Conference, 1990, Tokyo, Japan; Vol. II, pages 693-696. Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE Service Center, 1990.

Abstract: When the scale of discrete systems becomes complex and large, the conditions of unsafety and deadlock may occur. Petri nets are modeling tools applicable to the analysis of these systems. Mark flow graphs (MFGs) are deduced from Petri nets as a subclass with a specific constraint. It is possible to set up a matrix equation suitable for these discrete systems that governs the dynamic behavior of the discrete systems modeled by an MFG.

Keywords: matrix equation (based on) net (for) discrete system control; mark flow graph; condition-event systems; deadlock; unsafety.

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