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Performance Modelling and Evaluation of Dynamic Tool Allocation in Flexible Manufacturing Systems using Coloured Petri Nets: An Object-Oriented Approach.

Chen, F.F.; Chen, J.

In: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Volume 21, Number 2, pages 98-109. Springer-Verlag London Ltd, January 2003.

Abstract: Manufacturing systems are faced with ever-increasing customisation and unstable demand. The traditional hierarchical control structures for shop floor (pre-release planning, scheduling, dispatching and activity control) are often inflexible in responding to unexpected scenario changes and are thus not robust to system disturbances. In this paper, an object-oriented approach to modelling of FMS dynamic tool allocation and control under a non-hierarchical shop floor control scheme using coloured Petri nets is presented. A client-server paradigm is used in the proposed modelling method. The complete FMS model is partitioned into individual classes (machines, magazines, tool transport system, SGVs, tool storage, etc.) thereby significantly reducing the complexity of the model to a tractable size. The system performance under different tool request selection rules is also evaluated using coloured Petri net simulation. The proposed method can provide the designer of a tool management system with a high-level and structured representation of the tool-sharing control. It also provides an effective method for prototyping and evaluating performance of object-oriented shop floor control software.

Keywords: Coloured Petri nets (CPN); Dynamic tool sharing; Flexible manufacturing systems; Object-oriented design (OOD).

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