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Knowledge Representation Using Fuzzy Petri Nets.

Chen, Shyi-Ming; Ke, Jyh-Sheng; Chang, Jin-Fu

In: IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., Vol. 2, No. 3, pages 311-319. September 1990.

Abstract: A fuzzy Petri net model is presented to represent the fuzzy production rule of a rule-based system in which a fuzzy production rule describes the fuzzy relation between two propositions. Based on the fuzzy Petri net model, an efficient algorithm is proposed to perform fuzzy reasoning automatically. It can determine whether an antecedent-consequence relationship exists between two propositions. The formal description of the model and the fuzzy reasoning algorithm are shown in detail. Its execution time is proportional to the number of nodes in a sprouting tree generated by the algorithm.

Keywords: knowledge representation (using) fuzzy net; fuzzy production rule; fuzzy reasoning, (automatic); rule-based system.

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