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An Algebraic Approach to Petri Net Reduction and its Application to Protocol Analysis.

Chen, Yigang; Tsai, W.T.

Technical Report 90--43, pages 1-38 pp.. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, 1990.

Abstract: Petri Net (PN) reduction is a technique that reduces the size of the net while preserving some properties such as boundedness and liveness (as well as unboundedness and unliveness). It is important that reduction algorithm preserves all concerned properties, and can be carried out without exponential complexity. This paper proposes two techniques, condition expression and modular PNs, to reduce a class of PNs, called regular blocks, to behaviorally equivalent PNs while preserving boundedness and liveness (as well as unboundeness and unliveness).

Keywords: algebraic net reduction; protocol analysis; boundedness, liveness preservation; (non) exponential complexity.

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