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On Scalable Net Modeling of OLTP.

Cherkasova, Ludmila A.; Kotov, Vadim E.; Rokicki, Tomas

In: 5th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models, Toulouse (F) 19.-22. October 1993, pages 270-279. 1993.

Abstract: We describe and discuss practical experiments with the net modeling of OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing) applications. The goal was to propose a convenient and flexible model, which would be easy to modify with respect to different scheduling algorithms, number of processors and disks. The parameters of the model may be varied depending on the size of available memory and timing in a model in order to provide the necessary information to analyze the functioning of the system under different transaction rates and conditions, to identify bottlenecks and potential inefficiencies in the system design. The main effort was focused on speeding up the simulation through combining nets with code, using refinement technique, and exploiting the scalability of colored Petri nets

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