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Prototyping manufacturing systems - contribution of virtual reality, agents and Petri nets.

Chevaillir, P.; Tisseau, J.; Harrouet, F.; Querrec, R.

In: Proc. 9th IFAC Symp. on Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM'98), 24-26 June 1998, Nancy-Metz, France, Vol. 3, pages 249-254. 1998.

Abstract: The necessity of low-cost and rapid prototyping tools is often typical to the field of manufacturing system design. This work shows that virtual reality, combined with multi-agent systems is a very efficient method to develop such a prototype. Virtual reality offers an easy to understand representation of the future system and a powerful reactivity from end users. Beacuase the agent paradigm enforces local point of view, modularity and reusability can be achieved. Applied to the KorSo case study, the proposed method resulted in a fully distributed architecture without any centralized controller. Agent-orientedness is also a very structuring approach, especially when behaviors are modeled by Petri nets.

Keywords: Petri nets, agent systems, manufacturing systems, rapid prototyping.

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