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Stochastic Well-Formed Colored Nets and Symmetric Modeling Applications.

Chiola, G.; Dutheillet, C.; Franceschinis, G.; Haddad, S.

In: IEEE Transactions on Computers, Volume 42, Issue 11, pages 1343-1360. IEEE Computer Society, November 1993.

Abstract: The class of stochastic well-formed colored nets (SWN's) was defined as a syntactic restriction of stochastic high-level nets. The interest of the introduction of restrictions in the model definition is the possibility of exploiting the symbolic reachability graph (SRG) to reduce the complexity of Markovian performance evaluation with respect to classical Petri net techniques. It turns out that SWN's allow the representation of any color function in a structured form, so that any unconstrained high-level net can be transformed into a well-formed net. Moreover, most constructs useful for the modeling of distributed computer systems and architectures directly match the "well-formed" restriction, without any need of transformation. A nontrivial example of the usefulness of the technique in the performance modeling and evaluation of multiprocessor architectures is included.

Keywords: Markovian performance evaluation; Petri net; Petri nets.; SWN; complexity; computational complexity; lumpability condition; memory contention; model definition; multiprocessing systems; performance evaluation; performance modeling; stochastic high-level nets; stochastic well-formed colored nets; symbolic reachability graph; syntactic restriction.

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