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A Framework for Studying Sets of Related Petri Net Models.

Chiola, G.; Donotelli, S.

Rapport MASI No. 90--51, pages 1-30 pp.. Universite Paris, Institut Blaise Pascal, 1990.

Abstract: Complex modelling is seen here as the construction of a set of related P/T systems which model different aspects of a given system. The authors provide a framework for the study of these model sets, based on the separate analysis of each P/T model, followed by a check for proper relation between models. This framework is based on a structured way of drawing separate models, a set of behavioural equivalence notions, and a set of structural transformation rules. These transformations allow the substitution of a subnet with another without changing the interesting behavioural characteristics --- The authors propose also a structural method to check whether two P/T systems are equivalent, which is based on structural reduction rules.

Keywords: place/transition system; behavioural equivalence; subnet substitution; structural reduction rule.

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