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On Well-Formed Coloured Nets and their Symbolic Reachability Graph.

Chiola, Giovanni; Dutheillet, Claude; Franceschinis, Guiliana; Haddad, Serge

In: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, 1990, Paris, France, pages 387-410. 1990.

Abstract: The new class of Well Formed Coloured Nets (WN) is formally defined as an extension of Regular Nets, together with an extended Symbolic Reachability Graph (SRG) construction algorithm. WNs allow the representation of any colour function in a structured form, so that they have the same modelling power als general coloured nets (CPN). The SRG allows colour symmetries to be exploited to reduce the space and time complexity. The advantage of using WNs instead of unconstrained CPNs is that the detection of symmetries to construct the SRG is totally algorithmic.

Keywords: well-formed coloured net; symbolic reachability graph; extension (of) regular nets; complexity reduction.

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