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Colored GSPN Models and Automatic Symmetry Detection.

Chiola, G.; Franceschinis, G.

In: PNPM89. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop On Petri Nets and Performance Models, 1989, Kyoto, Japan, pages 50-60. Los Alamitos, CA, USA: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1990.

Abstract: Colored Petri Nets (CPN) are a useful tool for the development of very compact models of systems; a CPN model can be used for an analysis of the modeled system. Unfortunately the analysis can be prevented by the size of the Reachability Graph (RG) of the net which can grow exponentially. A method which automatically exploits the symmetries intrinsic in the model reducing the RG size is presented: it can be applied to a subclass of CPNs called Regular Nets. Some non-trivial examples are presented to demonstrate that the automatically achieved reductions are comparable to those devised for these systems by thoroughly studying their behavior.

Keywords: symmetry; generalized stochastic net; regular net; reachability graph.

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