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Construction and validation of a Petri net model of a layered protocol architecture.

Chiola, G.; Donatelli, S.; Solda, G.

In: TENCON'89 Fourth IEEE Region 10 International Conference Information Technologies for the 90's; EC: Energy, Electronics, Computers, Communications, Nov 22-24, 1989, Bombay, India, pages 226-233. 1989.

Abstract: A study is made of a three-layer store-and-forward communication protocol as an example of describing systems in layers. The example is comprised of a `stop and wait' transport layer built on top of an `Aloha' data link layer implemented on a satellite communication channel; each protocol layer is modeled by a different colored Petri net which is validated independently by verifying basic functionality assertions by inspection of the place and transition invariants. A notion of equivalence in a Petri net is then introduced to study the consistency of the different layers

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