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On the Structural and Behavioural Characterization of P/T Nets.

Chiola, Giovanni

In: 5th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models, Toulouse (F) 19.-22. October 1993, pages 66-75. 1993.

Abstract: Deadlocks and traps are well known net structures that may be identified to characterize the behaviour of nets. These structures have been defined on ordinary nets (which are multiplicity 1). Although they can be computed on generalized nets (with arc multiplicity 1) their relation with behavioural properties becomes less clear in this case. Similar problems may be found in the definition of conflicts: the structural concept is defined in terms of sharing of input places while the behavioural definition of conflict is usually introduced in the framework of safe nets. We attempt a redefinition of some behavioural properties for P/T nets in their general case in order to have a better correspondence between behavioural and structural properties

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