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Safety analysis using colored Petri nets.

Cho, S.M.; Hing, H.S.; Cha, S.D.

In: Proc. Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC-96), 4-7 December 1996, Seoul, Korea, pages 176-183. 1996.

Abstract: This paper proposes a safety analysis method using colored Petri nets (CPN). The proposed method employs a backward approach where a hazard is assumed to have occurred and backward simulation from the hazard is performed in order to determine if and how the hazard might occur. Using CPN, a hazard can be defined as a set of markings and backward simulation can be performed by generating a reachability graph backwards from the hazard. To facilitate the safety analysis, the semantics of CPN is extended and reachability graphs are defined for this extended semantics. The proposed method is demonstrated on a shutdown system for a Korean nuclear power plant.

Keywords: colored Petri nets, safety analysis.

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