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A basic theorem for modular synthesis of state machine allocatable nets.

Choe, Y.-H.; Lee, D.-I.; Kumagai, S.

In: IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals in Electronics, Communications and Computer Science, Vol. 81-A, No. 4, pages 524-531. 1998.

Abstract: Basic structural characteristics, which are useful in modular synthesis based on strongly connected state machines, of SMA/LBFC nets are discussed in this paper. A more convincing and direct proof of the equivalence of two structural characterizations of the class of Petri nets is given. This proof will give clearer view of the structural characteristics of LBFC/SMA nets. On the other hand, however, the structural characteristics are not practically amenable in application to modular synthesis of SMA nets from a given set of SCSMs since all possible SCSMs should be examined for the verification of the given conditions. The later half of this paper is devoted to strengthening the results, i.e., in composition of an SMA net from a given set of SCSMs the condition is also satisfied in any SCSM generated by composition.

Keywords: LBFC nets, LSFC nets, Petri nets, SMA nets, net composition.

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