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The Performance Evaluation of Design Alternatives for the SUPERMINI Architecture using TPQS.

Chou, Ching-Roung; Mao, Dyi-Liang

In: WG 7.3 International Seminar, 1988, Kyoto, Japan / Hasegawa, T.; et al.: Performance of Distributed and Parallel Systems. Proceedings of the IFIP TC 7, pages 295-313. Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1989.

Abstract: Project SUPERMINI (a multiprocessor system with RISC type processors tightly coupled via a global bus with shared memories) is under development at ERSO, Taiwan. There are many design alternatives. The authors form a proper model of the system, perform the simulation, and propose a better design according to the results. TPQN, a combination of queueing networks and timed Petri nets, is used to model the bus contention and memory interference in the system. The exact model of the multiprocessor system is introduced and a simulation package TPQS is used to obtain the estimated performance.

Keywords: performance evaluation; SUPERMINI architecture; queueing network; timed net; bus contention; memory interference; multiprocessor system; RISC type simulation package.

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