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Timed PQ-net Model for the Performance Evaluation of Multiprocessor Systems.

Chou, C.R.; Chung, W.F.

In: Hamza, M.H.: Proceedings of the ISMM Symposium Mini and Microcomputers and their Applictions - MIMI'87, pages 64-69. Acta Press, Anaheim, CA, USA, 1987.

Abstract: It is not so easy to model the processing order of queues using times Petri net, or to model the synchronization conditions using queueing network. In order to model these two major features in a multiprocessor system simultaneously, timed PQ-net, which incorporates the queueing features into timed Petri net to form a new model, has been proposed. This paper describes the model, introduces the specification language (TPQL) and simulation system (TPQS), and demonstrates how they are applied.

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