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Modelling and simulation of a network management system using hierarchical coloured Petri nets.

Christensen, Søren; Jepsen, L.O.

In: Proceedings of the 1991 European Simulation Multiconference. 1991. ISBN 0-911801-92-8.

Also: Daimi PB-349, April 1991. Extended version; ISSN 0105-8517; available at

Abstract: This paper argues that design and specification can be supported by modelling and simulation using Hierarchical Coloured Petri Nets (CP-nets). This conclusion is based on a case study of a project in which CP-nets were used in the detailed design of a software module. The software module is part of the Network Management System of the RcPAX X.25 wide area network. The module was designed using the Design/CPN tool which allows editing and simulation of CP-nets. Furthermore invariant techniques were used to prove properties of the module.

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