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Recovery Nets: Model for Dynamic Workflows.

Chrzastowski-Wachtel, P.

In: Workshop Concurrency, Specification and Programming CS & P'2002, Berlin; Oct. 7-9, Vol. 1; H.D. Burkhard, L. Czaja, G. Lindemann, A. Skowron, P. Starke (Eds.), Informatik-Bericht Nr. 161, Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin, pages 65-76. 7-9 October. 2002.

Abstract: Recoveries are usually external and unexpected events, which can occur during the execution of a workflow. The recovery problem for workflows is to model them inside the design framework. This problem is addressed in the paper with a Petri net solution. The set of places will be partitioned into regions specified at a design time. A recovery will be resolved by a special transition that takes away all tokens from all the places fo the region and putting them on apppropriate places, from which we would like to recover the execution. The appropriate definition ofregions and recovery transitions can be done only following some structural conditions that preserve a very simple and natural structure of workflow model.

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