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Exploiting Temporal Uncertainty in the Distributed Simulation of Time Petri Nets.

Cicirelli, F.; Furfaro, Angelo; Nigro, Libero

In: ANSS '05: Proceedings of the 38th annual Symposium on Simulation, pages 233-240. Washington, DC, USA: IEEE Computer Society, 2005.

Abstract: This paper proposes a kernel for the distributed simulation of real-time systems modelled by Merlin and Farberýs Time Petri Nets (TPN). The realization depends on Temporal Uncertainty Time Warp (TUTW), a novel time warp algorithm capable of exploiting temporal uncertainty in general optimistic simulations. A key feature of the application rests on the fact that TPN models naturally exhibit a certain degree of temporal uncertainty which the TUTW control engine can exploit to achieve good speedup without impairing accuracy of the simulation output. Usefulness of the achieved TUTW/TPN kernel is demonstrated by simulation experiments on a real-time system example.

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