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Software Production Methodology for Process Control.

Cofrancesco, P.; Cristoforetti, A.; Scattolini, R.

In: IFAC Proceedings Series, No. 15; Proceedings of the IFAC Symposium on Low Cost Automation Techniques, Components and Instruments, Applications, 1989, Milan, Italy, pages 235-240. Elmsford, NY, USA: Pergamon Press, 1990.

Abstract: In this paper a software production methodology for process control is presented. The specification phase is carried out by resorting to the formalism of Petri Nets. By means of a worked example it is shown how Petri Nets are amenable to describe feedback control structures. The implementation of Petri Net models is performed by the use of a data driven architecture. The presence of system tasks supplying standard functions, such as monitor, display, command acquisition is also considered to ease software production.

Keywords: software production (for) process control; feedback control structures; data-driven architecture.

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