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Concurrent system to resolve real-time conflicts in multirobot systems.

Cohen, G.

In: Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 8, No. 2, pages 169-175. 1995.

Abstract: Multi-robot systems consist of several robots, machines and processes with strong interrelationships. A multi-robot system is characterized by the dynamics of ifs transfers from one state to another. Because of limited budgets for investment, multi-robot systems must be based on shared robots and machines. Conflicts occur when a shared robot or a shared machine must serve two or more processes or tasks concurrently. When a conflict occurs it must be resolved rapidly, to minimize its effects on manufacturing-floor efficiencies. This paper describes a system based on an expert system, concurrent programming and Petri nets, which resolves conflicts generated by shared robots and machines. This system is referred to as a `concurrent' system. Many computer runs were performed. The results lead to the conclusion that the system under consideration provides significant benefits in real-time operation. The system is defined in generic terms, and can be implemented for a large variety of multi-robot systems.

Keywords: Petri nets, concurrent programming, concurrent systems, manufacturing systems.

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