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A Workbench for Digital Control Systems.

Confrancesco, P.; Cristoforetti, A.A.; Villa, M.; Scattolini, R.; Clarke, D.W.

In: IEEE Control Systems Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 1, pages 102-106. January 1991.

Abstract: A toolbox for developing applications for debugging, tuning, and field-testing digital control systems is described. The operator workbench, i.e. the facility the control specialist uses actually to set up and test a system once the custom software has been generated, is also described. It comprises a commissioning utility and a multitasking run-time module. Underlying the structure of the run-time module is the concept of Petri nets, which describe in a natural way the concurrent and event-related activities of the control system, the interactive user interface, and the monitoring/data-logging utilities.

Keywords: digital control system workbench; application development toolbox; commissioning utility; user interface; monitoring utility; modular structure.

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