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Detection of Illegal Behaviors Based on Unfoldings.

Couvreur, Jean-Michel; Poitrenaud, Denis

In: Donatelli, Susanna; Kleijn, Jetty: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1630: Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1999, 20th International Conference, ICATPN'99, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, pages 364-383. Springer-Verlag, June 1999.

Abstract: We show how the branching process approach can be used for the detection of illegal behaviors. Our study is based on the specification of properties in terms of testers that cover safety as well as liveness properties. We demonstrate that the unfolding method can be used in this context and propose an extension of it, called unfolding graphs, for the computation of failure equivalent graphs.

Keywords: Model Checking, Partial Order, Failure Equivalence, Petri Net.

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