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Mean-value analysis for a class of Petri nets and batch-movement queueing networks with product-form equilibrium distributions.

Coyle, A.J.; Henderson, W.; Pearce, C.E.M.; Taylor, P.G.

In: Proc. 22, pages 27-34. 1995.

Abstract: A number of recent papers have shown that there are classes of queueing networks, with batches of customers served and routed through the network, which have generalized product-form equilibrium distributions. This extends to some Petri nets. In this paper, we indicate how a class of these is amenable to a mean-value analysis similar to that used for single-movement networks. To bring out the simplicity of the underlying ideas, we do this by working a simple example rather than presenting the development in its generality.

Keywords: Petri nets, batch-movement queueing networks, mean-values analysis product-form solutions.

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