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COSMOS: A discrete-event modeling methodology for construction processes.

Damrianant, Jirawat

In: International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management (IJIEM) special issue on "Product and Process Modeling in Building and Related Industries, pages 128-152. 2003.

Abstract: Process modeling and simulation can be regarded as a framework within which discrete-event systems such as construction operations can be analysed, designed and improved. This paper proposes an alternative modeling methodology called COSMOS (Construction Oriented Simulation MOdeling System). The approach is designed for the modeling of discrete-event processes for the purpose of simulation and is geared towards construction-process orientation. While the basic COSMOS constructs are based on the basic formalism of Petri Nets, substantial extensions are made to the common Petri Net approach. COSMOS graphical network models are built by connecting appropriate nodes with appropriate arcs and assigning tokens to their places in a way that portrays the characteristics and logic of actual systems. If necessary, attributes and control statements can be attached to suitable modeling elements to enhance the capability of the models. The models are then capable of representing systems that are more complicated. COSMOS provides a means of reflecting reality and practicality in construction-process modeling.

Keywords: Modeling; Methodology; Simulation; Construction; Process; Petri Nets; Discrete-Event System; Network Model.

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