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Extended Colored Petri Net: an Efficient Tool for Analyzing Concurrent Systems.

Das, S.K.; Sarkar, D.; Agrawal, V.K.; Patnaik, L.M.

In: Information Sciences, Vol. 54, No. 3, pages 191-218. April 1991.

Abstract: The paper proposes a novel and simple definition of general colored Petri nets. This definition is coherent with that of (uncolored) Petri nets, preserves the reflexivity of the original net, and is extended to represent inhibitors. Also suggested are systematic and formal merging rules to obtain a well-formed structure of the extended colored Petri net by folding a given uncolored net. Finally, it presents a technique to compute colored invariants by selecting colored RP-subnets. On the average, the proposed technique performs better than the existing ones. The analysis procedure is explained through an illustrative example of a three-level interrupt-priority-handler scheme.

Keywords: extended coloured net; inhibitor; net folding; coloured invariants; RP subnet; interrupt priority-handler scheme.

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