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Meta-Modelling, Graph Transformation and Model Checking for the Analysis of Hybrid Systems.

de Lara, Juan; Guerra, Esther; Vangheluwe, Hans

In: Revised Selected and Invited Papersof Applications of Graph Transformations with Industrial Relevance: Second International Workshop, AGTIVE 2003, Charlottesville, VA, USA, September 27 - October 1, 2003, pages 292-298. Volume 3062 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / John L. Pfaltz, Manfred Nagl, Boris Böhlen (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, July 2004.

Abstract: This paper presents the role of meta-modelling and graph transformation in our approach for the modelling, analysis and simulation of complex systems. These are made of components that should be described using different formalisms. For the analysis (or simulation) of the system as a whole, each component is transformed into a single common formalism having an appropriate solution method. In our approach we make meta-models of the formalisms and express transformations between them as graph transformation. These concepts have been automated in the AToM3 tool and as an example, we show the analysis of a hybrid system composed of a temperature controlled liquid in a vessel. The liquid is initially described using differential equations whose behaviour can be abstracted and represented as a Statechart. The controller is modelled by means of a Statechart and the temperature as a Petri net. The Statechart models are translated into Petri nets and joined with the temperature model to form a single Petri net, for which its reachability graph is calculated and Model-Checking techniques are used to verify its properties.

Keywords: Graph Rewriting; Meta-Modelling; Multi-Paradigm; Hybrid Systems; Model-Checking.

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