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Design and Verification of Concurrent Switching Sequences with Petri Nets.

de Sa, P.; Paiva, S.

In: PES 1990 Winter Meeting, 1990, Atlanta, GA, USA: IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 5, No. 4; Proceedigns of the IEEE, pages 1766-1772. 1990.

Abstract: Automatic switching sequences are usually performed by stand-alone devices. Because the events that trigger those sequences are random in time, the control functions happen to be in competition for the same equipment. Integrating reliably these concurrent functions on any computer-based system is a complex design work. Methods to reduce complexity with Petri nets specifications are illustrated with a detailed example of automatic switching sequences in distribution substations.

Keywords: design (and) verification (of) concurrent switching sequence; reliability; switching sequences (in) energy distribution substations.

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