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Expert System Architecture for Hierarchical Control.

de Souza, J.N.; Amaral, W.C.; Neto, M.L.Andrade

In: Shenyang, China; Vol. 2: Proceedings of the 1988 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 1988, Beijing, pages 1064-1067. 1988.

Abstract: An expert system architecture for treating hierarchical control is proposed. The elements of this architecture are based on higher order logic programming concepts. The main objective of this architecture is to serve as a mechanism for treating knowledge hierarchization, and it is based on three elementary steps: choice, execution, and organization. These steps are k-programs, and their execution is represented by Petri nets. The k-programs also determine the system's knowledge reorganization after execution. In this architecture the relationships among the different knowledge levels are controlled by algorithms that regulate the execution sequence of programs.

Keywords: expert system architecture; hierarchical control; higher order logic programming concept; knowledge hierarchization; choice; k-program; execution sequence.

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