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The Möbius Framework and Its Implementation.

Deavours, D. D.; Clark, G.; Courtney, T.; Daly, D.; Derisavi, S.; Doyle, J. M.; Sanders, W. H.; Webster, P. G.

In: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering vol. 28, no. 10, pages 956-969. October 2002.

Abstract: The Möbius framework is an environment for supporting multiple modeling formalisms and solution techniques. Models expressed in formalisms that are compatible with the framework are translated into equivalent models using Möbius framework components. This translation preserves the structure of the models, allowing effcient solutions. The framework is implemented in the tool by a well-defined abstract functional interface. Models and solution techniques interact with one another through the use of the standard interface, allowing them to interact with Möbius framework components, not formalism components. This permits novel combinations of modeling techniques, and will be a catalyst for new research in modeling techniques. This paper describes our approach, focusing on the "atomic model." We describe the formal description of the Möbius components as well as their implementations in our software tool.

Keywords: stochastic models; modeling formalisms; modeling frameworks; modeling tools; Markov models; stochastic Petri nets; PEPA; execution policy.

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