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Definition of a Type of Continuous-Discrete High-Level Petri Nets and Its Application to the Performance Analysis of Train Protection Systems.

Decknatel, Gebhard; Slovák, Roman; Schnieder, Eckehard

In: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Science (LNCIS) Vol. 279, pages 1-355pp. Springer Verlag, July 2002.

Abstract: We present a hybrid (continuous-discrete) type of high-level Petri Nets, and describe how it can be applied to the study of train control systems. In addition to the elements of discrete high-level Petri Nets, the nets used here have continuous transitions, which are able to manipulate real-valued attributes of tokens. We outline two methods for simulating the hybrid models with a standard Petri Net tool. The simulation is then used for the performance analysis of moving and fixed block train protection systems.

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