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Workflow modeling and performance evaluation with colored stochastic Petri nets.

Dehnert, J.; Freiheit, J.; Zimmermann, A.

In: Proc. 2000 AAAI Symposium - Bringing Knowledge to Business Processes, 20-22 March 2000, Stanford, CA, pages 139-141. 2000.

Abstract: There is a need for modeling and performance evaluation techniques and tools for a fast and reliable design of workflow systems. The paper introduces a modeling methodology based on colored stochastic Petri nets. For describing a business process it is necessary to consider different aspects. Essential are functional (in what order?) , organizational (by whom?) and information related aspects (which items/documents are processed?). The paper introduces a methodology for modeling and performance evaluation of workflow processes, which tries to overcome existing limitations. The approach is not limited to the functional aspects, but includes a resource description as well. All aspects are described using the same modeling technique, namely a dedicated class of colored stochastic Petri nets (CSPNs). The suitability of Petri nets for description of business processes has been examined and discussed extensively in the literature. Within CSPNs, delays can be expressed by assigning firing delay distributions to transitions. Stochastic, deterministic, and zero firing delays are supported.

Keywords: colored Petri nets, performance evaluation, stochastic Petri nets, workflow modeling.

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