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Systematic Development of Formal Software Process Models.

Deiters, W.; Gruhn, V.; Schafer, W.

In: Ghezzi, C.; et al.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 387; ESEC'89. Proceedings of the 2nd European Software Engineering Conference, 1989, Coventry, UK, pages 100-117. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1989.

Abstract: A structured approach to the incremental development of generic models for software processes is proposed. Incremental means that it is possible to test incomplete specifications; generic means that suitable mechanisms are provided to adapt a particular model to specific requirements. The approach is based on a formal language which merges three existing approaches, namely a data definition language, function nets, and graph replacement systems. It is explained how this language provides a suitable means to specify the static features, the dynamics, and the modifications of processes.

Keywords: systematic >software development; formal software process model; incremental development; generic model; data definition language; function net; graph replacement system.

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