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On Generating Variable Structure Architectures for Distributed Intelligence Systems.

Demael, J.J.; Levis, A.H.

In: Jaaksoo, U.; et al.: Proceedings of the 11th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, 1990, Tallin, USSR; Vol. 1, pages 123-129. Oxford, UK: Pergamon, 1991.

Abstract: A quantitative approach for modeling and generating variable structure distributed intelligence systems is presented. Colored Petri nets are used as the appropriate mathematical framework for representing design requirements and for modeling the variable structures. The set of variable structures that satisfy both the design requirements and some generic constraints is characterized, and an algorithm for solving the design problem is described. An application to a non trivial example for an air traffic control system is outlined.

Keywords: variable structure architecture (for) distributed intelligence system; coloured net; air traffic control system.

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