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Modeling Dynamic Systems through Petri Nets.

Demongodin, I.; Koussoulas, N.T.

In: Proc. IEEE-Systems, Man and Cybernetics CESA'96 (Computational Engineering in Systems Applications) IMACS Multiconference (Symp. on Discrete Events and Manufacturing Systems), Lille, France, July 1996, pages 279-284. 1996.

Abstract: This paper presents Differential Petri Nets, a new member of the family of Petri net models, which allow us to model continuous-time dynamic processes represented by systems of differential equations. The differential Petri net is defined through the introduction of a new kind of place and transition, namely, the differential place and the differential transition. Evolution rules are determined to render precise the simulation of hybrid systems composed by a continuous part cooperating with a discrete-event part, i.e. the typical paradigm of a supervisory control system.

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