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A formal approach for architectural modeling and prototyping of distributed real-time systems.

Deng, Y.; Lu, S.; Evangelist, M.

In: Proc. 30th Annual Hawaii Int. Conf. on System Sciences; Vol. 1: Software Technology and Architecture, 7-10 January 1997, Wailea, HI, pages 481-490. 1997.

Abstract: For complex software systems, a central design concern is system architecture. The systematic treatment of architectural specification and refinement is a proper basis for an engineering approach to system design. However, conventional Petri net models do not provide adequate abstractions for architectural specification because their primary concern is behavior modeling and analysis. As an attempt to address this problem, a formal model called NOAM (Net-based and Object-based Architectural Model) is presented for architectural specification and prototyping of real-time distributed systems. Building on the existing contributions from Petri nets, NOAM not only supports precise specification of real-time behavior embodied in a system architecture, but also provides a framework for systematic architectural refinement and exploration. Special focus is placed on using the formal model, and the proposed support environment for prototyping NOAM specifications, and to meet real-time constraints.

Keywords: NOAM, Petri nets, architectural modeling, distributed systems, real-time systems.

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