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Simulation of Petri net processes.

Desel, J.

In: Proc. IFAC Conf. on Control Systems Design (CSD'2000), 18-20 June 2000, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, pages 14-25. 2000.

Abstract: System simulation using Petri nets generates and visualizes possible runs of a petri net model. Simulation is used for model validation, i.e., by means of simulation, the correctness of the model with respect to the modeled system can be validated. If the model can be assumed to be valid, then simulation provides information about the modeled system because every run of the model corresponds to a run of the system and vice versa. The aim of this paper is twofold. First, it is argued that Petri net processes, i.e., partially ordered turns of Petri nets, have significant advantages compared to sequential simulation runs. These advantages concern in particular expressiveness and efficiency of the simulation. Secondly, it is shown how relevant processes can be generated in an efficient way.

Keywords: Petri net processes, partially ordered processes, simulation.

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