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Reachability in Reversible Free Choice Systems.

Desel, Jörg; Esparza, Javier

11/90 A: Report TUM--I9023; SFB-Bericht No. 342, pages 1-35 pp.. München, Germany: Technische Universiät, Institut für Informatik, Sonderforschungsbereich ``Methoden und Werkzeuge für die Nutzung paralleler Rechnerarchitekturen'', June 1990.

Abstract: The authors give a structural charcterisation of reachable states for a subclass of marked Free Choice Nets. The nets of this subclass are those enjoying three properties (liveness, boundedness, reversibility) which are frequently part of specifiction of reactive systems. The authors show that the reachability problem for this subclass can be solved in polynomial time in the size of the net.

Keywords: reachability (in) reversible free choice system(s); home state; liveness; boundedness.

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